Leonie Saliba is the owner and designer of the luxury accessories and jewellery brand established in 2010. Leonie has always been driven by creativity and what the world of fashion and design can inspire. The luxury label has continued to flourish and grow in popularity over the years.

Leonie's collections of accessories for men and women offer classic design at a luxury level that complements contemporary living. She appreciates timeless design that lives beyond the seasonal trends and develops designs in-house. The brand is synonymous with quality and elegance. Leonie enjoys creating fashion pieces that look and feel amazing - a world where craft meets lifestyle and expertise meets your individuality.

The brand represents British luxury leather goods and jewellery at their finest, with an enduring dedication to craftsmanship. Made with only the highest quality, carefully produced leathers.



The Leather
Leonie feels strongly about responsible and ethical production. She strives to produce items that are value for money and made to the highest of quality. The leather used to make the handbags and accessories is produced in the most natural way. The leather is vegetable tanned and therefore does not damage or poison the environment, as is the case for chemically dyed leather.
The Manufacturing
Leonie manufactures her collections with suppliers that are ISO 9001: 2008 certified. They are assessed every year to ensure all areas are achieving the highest ethical standards.


When you invest in a Leonie Saliba design, not only are you getting a high quality product, but you are also buying into a sustainable ideology which benefits everyone involved in the manufacturing process.