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Leonie Saliba is a unique luxury brand based in London through our online shop. The collections offer beautiful products for men and women -  well crafted, customised or personalised wallets, handbags and jewellery that will adapt between work and life’s adventures. The brand focuses on contemporary design where luxury and versatility are never compromised

Custom and Personalised Designer Wallets Online, London UK

The Perfect Personalised Gift.

Choosing the right gift for somebody can be hard, there’s a whole range of routes you can go down. If you are struggling to find the right gift you’re in the right place, our personalised pieces are a great way to make somebody’s day extra special. Not only are our pieces a great addition to your own collection, but due to how we can customise them, they can make incredibly thoughtful gifts.

As designers we specialise in handcrafting wallets of all kinds, from personalised or custom wallets, to ornate leather wallets, we will cater for all of your needs when it comes to creating something to keep your most important possessions safe on a day to day basis. We prove all of our quality merchandise through our online shop, meaning that no matter where you are or what time it is, you’re always welcome to place an order, or view our stock.

Based in London in the UK, we are completely independent designers, who have built ourselves from the ground up to where we are now, masters of our craft with a successful online shop. Something we’re incredibly proud of with our origins being a little market stall producing personalisable, customisable wallets in London, to a designer brand that ships all over the world.

Why Choose A Handcrafted Designer Wallet?

When it comes to wallets we’re the experts. Even back in our early days, we made sure all of our wallets were handcrafted to an incredibly high standard. We ensured this by handcrafting every wallet ourselves, from the personalisation to the finishing. This experience has given us a great understanding of all the pros and cons of hand making wallets. We can tell you all about the differences of a designer wallet from a manufacturing line as opposed to a designer wallet lovingly crafted by somebody who cares about the finished product.

In terms of quality, this is one of the most important factors in what we do. All of our wallets are handcrafted with quality in mind, this isn’t just so the wallets look good, but so they last longer. As an online store you will find very few companies who will maintain the high levels of quality we do. We put such importance on this, as nobody ever wants to find they have a hole in their designer wallet, especially because at this point it’s often too late. You may have already lost something incredibly important such as your debit card, or a large sum of money, by maintaining such high quality, we help ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

We also make sure that all of our pieces are made either by ourselves or by our high quality fair trade works. As we’ve grown much larger than our days back in that market stall we now use fairtrade workers. Who receive fair pay, meaning you know your pieces are not only made to the highest quality, customisable and personalised to your tastes, but also help make a difference in places in the world where you still have to fight for fair pay and working conditions.

As we specialise in custom and personalised wallets, all you have to do is get in touch and we’ll help create a wallet that will reflect who you are, something great about your loved one or just a message to remind them of a memory. So order from us online today!